Westside Japanese Lessons


Lessons Normal price Package price
Single lesson 1 $30 -
Pair lesson* 1 $60 $35 (save 40%)
10 Lesson pack 10 $300 $270 (save 10%)

Pair Lessons*

Pair lessons are single lessons taken at the same time with your friend, partner or family member. Studying with a partner can be great fun, but of course both people need to be at around the same level of Japanese proficiency, since you'll be studying the same material with us. If you do have somebody around your level who you can study with though, then this can be a great way to learn Japanese together at a significant discount! The pair lesson offer is only available for single lessons though, and it can't be combined with a 10 lesson pack. This is just to avoid complications if one of you can no longer join.

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